Safari Pals Playing Cards

Here at designbase we are keen photographers and share a passion for wildlife and the environment.

In 2007, returning from a photographic safari in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, we were disappointed that we were unable to find any quality games in the various reserve and airport gift shops. We were looking in particular for fun gifts for the younger members of our family which, at the same time, would help them to generate an understanding and appreciation of wildlife. The wait for the last internal flight was by no means long, but by the time the flight was ready to board we had the outline for the design of the Safari Pals card game.

Safari Pals Classic Safari Pals Junior

Available in two age ranges, Classic and Junior, the packs are multi-game, animal playing cards that will provide hours of family fun which will encourage and develop an interest in wildlife and nature.

Safari Pals Distribution and Resources

The games are primarily distributed in South Africa by our partners, Wild 4 African Photographic Safaris and Tours, but we are able to offer all 4 packs in the range for sale to UK addresses. For more information, supporting teacher resources and to buy online in the UK please visit:

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